Funds Which Support Our Programs

There are four national funds which support the programs of the Order. Each chapter within the Diocese should support these funds to allow the Order to continue its work. The national funds are:

  • Alpha Fund [ingathering is September 5th]
  • Endowment Fund [ingathering November 1st]
  • Self-Denial Fund [ingathering is February 2nd]
  • Master's Fund [ingathering is Pentacost]

Alpha Fund

The Alpha Fund was established at the 2009 Triennial Convention in Anaheim, California. Named in honor of the first Junior Chapter, the Alpha Fund is used to provide financial support to Junior Daughter Directresses in their efforts to extend Christ's kingdom especially among young women and girls through the ministry of the Junior Daughters of the King.

Self Denial Fund

“The Lily Funsten Ward Memorial Fund, known as the “Self Denial Fund,” was established by a resolution adopted at the fifth annual convention held in Washington, DC, in 1897. Miss Lily Funsten Ward, a Daughter of the King and a missionary in China, asked that a day be set aside for the celebration of Holy Communion with special intention for the church in China. In compliance with this request, it was resolved that a Self Denial Week be observed every year. At a subsequent convention held at Portland, Oregon, in September 1922, a resolution was adopted setting aside February 2, the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, as a special day for the ingathering of the Self Denial Fund. The Self Denial Fund supports missionaries and missions around the world. Self Denial Fund grants support missionaries and mission trips for both senior and Junior Daughters.”

Master's Fund

The Order of the Daughters of the King® supports higher education in leadership development and service for Episcopal church-related careers for women. The Master’s Fund was inaugurated at the Order’s Triennial Convention in 1922 as a thank offering to be given at Pentecost in loving commemoration of the coming of the Holy Spirit. The Master’s Fund is intended to assist Daughters and other women to attend school to prepare for missionary and other church-related work. The emphasis is on the intended church-related career of the applicant, so that attendance at any accredited college, university or graduate school is permitted. Master’s Fund grants will be limited to communicants of the Episcopal Church, autonomous churches of the Anglican Communion or churches in communion with the Episcopal Church. Modest grants are made from available funds and are based on anticipated renewal grant needs and the number of applicants reviewed.

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established in 1928 to further the work of The Order. The resolution that was then presented read "That a cumulative endowment fund be inaugurated by the National Council at this session, each member present contributing, such Fund to be a permanent trust fund. It shall be increased by requests, thank offerings, memorials and other special gifts from persons believing in and desiring to forward the objectives of The Order of the Daughters of the King®." There are many reasons to contribute to this fund and it's now easier than ever!


To Download and Save a Contribution Form for our Funds: